Asset Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the destination and our assets. Please note that this is the required form for asset approval. As such please be as detailed and accurate as possible. All requests will be reviewed and responded to within 7 business days. 

By completing this Asset Request Form, you acknowledge and agree that no rights in or to the requested assets have been granted to you.  You may not use any requested asset(s) unless and until CIDOT has granted written approval and, if approved, use shall at all times be in compliance with the terms of the license agreement between you and CIDOT.


Legal Notice:

All approved requestors are required to sign a contract agreement. Prior to filling out this form, please note key terms of the final agreement:

  •  CIDOT grants Company a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-assignable, non-transferable, limited right to use the Asset(s), solely for the Permitted Use during the Term in the Territory. CIDOT has a right to revoke the license with or without cause with 10 days’ prior notice. 
  • All Assets are copyrighted, and all applicable laws for copyrights and usage must be followed when using these Assets. Except to the extent included in the Preliminary Approval, the Company shall NOT, and shall NOT authorize any others, to resell or copyright any Asset(s), or use the Asset(s) in any paid advertising, for commercial use, or in printed materials. Further, the Company shall NOT authorize any others to resell or copyright any Asset(s), or use the Asset(s) to promote any business, service, or product. 
  • The License that CIDOT will grant shall commence on the Effective Date and shall remain in effect until the conclusion of the Term, after which it shall terminate unless terminated earlier by CIDOT. 
  • All assets should be accompanied by the CIDOT’S approved Credit or Copyright Notice. 

We note that in addition to the information required below, CIDOT shall have a right to request additional information from each requestor before providing any approval.

 If you agree to all of the above please proceed with filling out the form below:

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Reason for Requesting CIDOT Assets

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